In observance of Memorial Day, all County Housing offices will be closed on Monday, May 27, 2024. We will resume our regular business hours on Tuesday, May 28, 2024.

For Public Housing maintenance emergencies, please call (314) 429-3811.

For HCV resident emergencies, please get in touch with your landlord.

Homeownership Program

County Housing’s Homeownership program allows eligible participants who receive Housing Choice Vouchers to use their vouchers to help with homeownership costs rather than renting a unit.

Contact your caseworker to learn about participating in the program.

To participate in the HCV Homeownership program, individuals or families must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a current recipient of a Housing Choice Voucher
  • Have a stable source of income to cover homeownership expenses
  • Complete a homeownership counseling program approved by HUD

HUD requires participants to complete a homeownership counseling program provided by HUD-approved counseling agencies. The purpose of this counseling is to prepare participants for the responsibilities of homeownership, including budgeting, mortgage obligations, and property maintenance.

Participants are responsible for finding a home that meets their needs and is within their budget. The home must meet certain HUD housing quality standards to ensure it is safe and suitable for occupancy.

Participants must secure a mortgage to purchase the home.

The amount of the monthly homeownership assistance payment (HAP) a participant receives is calculated based on their income, expenses, and the local housing market. The HAP helps cover monthly homeownership expenses, including the mortgage, property taxes, and insurance.

Homeownership under this program comes with certain responsibilities, including maintaining the home in good condition, paying the mortgage and other expenses on time, and complying with all program requirements.

When a family completes the Homeownership program, they typically no longer receive rental assistance through the traditional Housing Choice Voucher program. However, they become homeowners and continue to be responsible for the upkeep and expenses associated with their home.