Annual Recertification

Housing Choice Voucher residents must submit recertification each year to their caseworker.

Each year on the anniversary of the date of your lease, County Housing conducts a process called Recertification to ensure that participants still qualify for assistance and to adjust the rental subsidy if necessary. Failure to respond on an annual recertification will result in termination of assistance.

Step 1: Notification

Voucher holders are notified well in advance, usually 60-120 days before their annual recertification is due. This notification includes instructions on what forms are needed to complete the process, methods of how to complete it, and a due date.

Program participants gather the required documentation for the recertification process and upload them in the RentCafe portal. These documents typically include pay stubs and other documentation related to household composition and assets.

If a voucher holder does not have access to a computer or would like to meet with their caseworker in person, they can reach out to the caseworker directly to set up an appointment to complete the recertification process.

County Housing verifies all participant income with employers, financial institutions, and government agencies as needed, to ensure accuracy.

Based on the information provided, County Housing recalculates participants’ rental assistance. The calculation takes into account income, household size, and other factors to determine the tenant’s portion of the rent and the amount of rental assistance provided. The quicker all documents are submitted, the quicker the housing authority can let voucher holders know the rent they’re expected to pay.